martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012


"Punk's not dead", yes!, yes indeed, punk's not dead. But, at the same time, I know punk's dead, and i know both phrases are truth --and, maybe, as Dama Satán, I'll better say "Punk's undead", "Punk's zombie". Because of you can't buy another people's history. To be a punk means a lot of things you can't buy now. To be a punk means to be born in the 1950's or even in the 1940's, because of a lot of really deep reasons, and to be born in a low-middle working class. That is, to be a punk means to be part of a no-future working class. And to be a punk means to be fifteen or eighteen or twenty years old, not much more than this. 

To be a punk means that people hates you so much, that they will stop their cars to beat you. Means that London police takes you pictures when you're just walking to nowhere. Means take risk. Because you've got not choice. Means danger. 

People who live in that far space-and-time-streets-corner, as I call this historic moment, could be punk, and they could still be punk, and you can called them "punks" yesterday, today, tomorrow, and for ever. But, for all the others, and I mean ALL the others, and even for those who call themselves "punks" today --perhaps, especially for those ones--, punk is dead. Today punk's an aesthetic form integrated in every kind of publicitary and fashion images and products, and in various art products too --a form that (in the best cases, of course) breaks order, and simmetry, and enriches with visual paradoxes, and with caothic retorical resources, for example, today's art, today's literature and even today's philosophy (or, well, that's only the way Montse Álvarez see our contemporary culture, at least). Today's punk musicians? You hardly can call them musicians. And, obviously, they where never punks. 

Próximamente, un ensayo más y mejor pensado sobre este tema. Esta vez, por supuesto, en español. Escribí lo anterior (vide supra) en inglés solo porque se me "pegó" o se me "quedó", por inercia, el pensar en ese idioma (que no domino; es una atrocidad que escriba en él) después de ver (parte, luego lo veré completo) el material.

Zenkyu, sir Charles Da Ponte, por darme a conocer el material; me ha despertado las ganas de escribir sobre este tema que considero tan mío y tan damasatánico y, por ende, así lo haré. (Y recuerde que se acerca Navidad; tal vez tenga usted por ahí bajo la manga algún otro regalito como este.)

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